Puja Conducted by

Mrs. Sheela Saraf


Are you plagued by ill health? Is your ill health causing a strain on your finances? Have you visited many doctors without any avail? You need astrological advice. Mrs. Sheela Saraf will help you get relief from your long standing health problems.


Many a times your efforts to get admission to your desired college or University in India does not yield fruitful results. Your astrological chart may not be favourable. Come share your problem with Sheela ji.

Career & Money

Post covid, businesses have been affected leading to financial problems, mental stress and illnesses.
Mrs. Sheela Sarafi will show you the way out as he has successfully done with many of his clients.

Marriage & Relationship

Inability to find a life partner even after many searches, ads in newspapers or marriage apps or compatibility problems with spouse could be a result of inapp vastu of the house or non conducive star positions.
Sheela Saraf will advice you on the same.


Legal cases get stuck in Court for ages, even decades without any result. Endless rounds of courts, lawyers get you stressed. Mrs. Sheela Saraf provides helpful advice to wriggle out of legal problems.

House & Property

Shared property issues tangled in legal Web, persistent inability to buy a home even after financial position, anxiety in newly bought house or property related issues can be easily solved through astrology. Sheela ji provides expert advice on all vastu or house related problems.

Mental Stress & Depression

In this fast moving world stress and depression is common. Sometimes even doctors are not able to find the exact cause. Astrologers like Mrs. Sheela Saraf can offer expert advice in all matters related to personality disorders, stress and depression.

Black Magic & Evil Eyes

People resort to wrong methods to fight their enemies. If you are suspecting foul play or black magic and evil eye cast upon you by an enemy, your suspicion could be correct. A solution can indeed be found gor your dilemma through puja.