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  • Vaastu Shastra is used to check if your house or office is compliant with the ancient Indian system of architecture . A house that is Vaastu compliant uses the positivity of solar energy, magnetism, wind energy and cosmic energy effectively to provide health, wealth and peace to the residents of the house. We at Numerology Expert help you to build or renovate your house in such a way that the positive energy is enhanced and negative energy is nullified. Each room of the house including the kitchen generates positivity only if it is in a particular direction.

    Here are some easy vaastu tips
      Kitchen should be in the east or south east direction
      The house should be well lit and airy
      Master bedroom should be in the southwest direction
      The house temple or mandir should be so placed that you face the east
         while worshipping
      Tulsi plant is a must for each house as it is not only sacred but generates
        positive thoughts

Vastu Yantras


       Crystal Turtle